Training to be an air ambulance doctor: Kate’s story

Kate Allen is a registrar in the busy emergency department at Sunderland Royal Hospital. For the last year, she’s also been training as an air ambulance doctor with the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS). It’s fair to say it’s been something of a culture shock to go beyond the relative luxury of four walls … Continued

How to become an air ambulance doctor

Doctors enable a range of treatments and drug interventions that elevate the service from just a means of patient transport to a flying critical care unit capable of carrying out surgeries and blood transfusions on the roadside. But the job of air ambulance doctor is not for everyone. “When you are out there, you don’t … Continued

How to become an air ambulance paramedic

Our critical care team typically includes one doctor and one paramedic. Although the two roles bring different skills and capabilities to the scene, at the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS), they do so from an equal standing. The team operates under incredible pressure and often in isolation, so the cohesion of the small team … Continued

What it’s like to train as an air ambulance paramedic

Ian Grey arrived at GNAAS in 2018 after fifteen years with the North East Ambulance Service. His career there saw him progress from being an advanced technician to a paramedic, through working in ambulance control, with the Hazard Area Response Team (HART) and serving a stint as line manager. He applied for a GNAAS role, … Continued

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