Weekend Round-up: 10-11 August

Here are some of the incidents our team attended at the weekend.

On Saturday our critical care team were activated at 9.40am to Garrigill, Alston.
Due to the bad weather in the morning, our team transferred from the helicopter to the rapid response vehicle and drove off-road to reach the scene.
A patient was assessed and treated by our team before being taken to hospital by a North West Ambulance Service road crew.

Incident timeline:
9:40 Mobile to incident from Langwathby
10:11 On scene
10:55 Patient treated on scene
10:56 Returning to base
11:48 On base


On Sunday our team were activated at 10.01am to Warwick Bridge.
They assessed and treated a patient on scene before airlifting them to hospital for further care.

Incident timeline:
10:01 Mobile to incident from Langwathby
10:14 On scene
10:59 Take off from scene, transporting patient by air
11:26 Arrive at hospital
12:30 Mobile to refuel
12:34 At refuel
12:55 Returning to base
13:27 On base

Warwick Bridge2


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