Incident Round-up: 26 October

Here are some of the incidents our critical care teams attended on Saturday:

Our critical care team at Teesside International Airport were activated at 12.08am to Prudhoe. Our doctor and paramedic team assessed and treated a patient before they were taken to hospital by a North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) road crew, accompanied by our team.

Incident timeline:
12:08 Mobile to incident
12:23 On Scene
12:51 Transporting patient by road
13:10 Arrive at hospital
13:59 Mobile to refuel
14:05 At refuel
14:29 Diverted

Our critical care team based at Langwathby were activated at 4.26pm to the A593, Broughton West to reports of a road traffic collision. They assessed and treated the patients, who thankfully weren’t as seriously injured as first thought, before returning back to base.

Incident timeline:
16:26 Mobile to incident
16:39 On scene
17:25 Returning to base
17:40 On base

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