Group take to the road in 1980s style

 A group of motorcyclists are to take to the road dressed from head to toe in 80s attire, in a 140 mile fundraising trip on mopeds three decades old.

The event is just the latest idea from members of the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group, which holds regular fundraising events for the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS).

The trip will see the bikes ride from Redcar on the East coast, to Whitehaven on the West coast, taking in some of the hilliest roads in the country through the Lake District.

Many of the riders bought the mopeds especially for the journey, some of which are classic machines, over 30 years old.

One of the riders taking part, Paul Duce, 44, from Skelton in Cleveland, said: “We had to make our bikes roadworthy before anything else. We’ve been going on trial runs to see if the machines are up to the job, and although there have been a few tweaks, we think we’re about ready, so our sights are firmly set on the finish.”

The group, which consists of ex-military personnel to retirees, plan to dress up in the fashion of the era at the time the mopeds were made. They have dug out an assortment of 80s shell suits, mirrored sun glasses, moustaches and big curly wigs to wear when they undertake the challenge.

Paul added: “We normally do our rides and challenges on more powerful machines, but we thought this would be a laugh. The more people who watched us conceive this mad concept, the more other people wanted to be a part of it.”

The Coast to Coast challenge takes place in the last weekend of September and is open to any machine registered pre January 1960, or any machine up to 125cc.

Since the Boundary 500 Motorcycle Group began, their aim has been to raise money for GNAAS. This year, they are hoping to reach their £500,000 target to keep the aircraft flying.

Anyone wishing to donate to their journey can do so by clicking here.

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