Italians highlight benefits of ‘blood on board’ during conference

The benefits of GNAAS’ blood on board service are being shared with medics in Italy to help them save the lives of more patients.

Earlier this year we welcomed two Italian clinicians who work in pre-hospital care to our base, so they could find out how GNAAS uses blood products in the pre-hospital environment.

Simone Celi, an advanced nurse practitioner, and Christian Salaroli, an anaesthetist, work for the Regional Emergency-Urgency Agency (AREU) in the Lombardy region in Northern Italy.

They were interested in being able to carry blood on board its rescue vehicles, including aircraft, and spent four days learning about delivering blood transfusions in a pre-hospital setting.

The pair spent their time observing the GNAAS critical care teams at both Langwathby and Teesside International Airport and witnessed them responding to several live rescue missions, as well as visiting the blood labs at the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) in Newcastle.

GNAAS paramedic Terry Sharpe, Christian Salaroli, Simone Celi, GNAAS pilot Jay Steward and GNAAS doctor Dion Arbid

Speaking during his visit, Mr Celi said: “Our aim is to improve our service and have a blood on board protocol for pre-hospital transfusions to a patient with major trauma.

“We’ve created a great cooperation between GNAAS and AREU.”

After returning home, Mr Celi and Mr Salaroli shared their knowledge with their colleagues, so they could continue to improve their service.

Last weekend, Mr Celi and his colleague Dr Francesco Daminelli, visited the HEMS 2019 conference in Tuscany, which is dedicated to the discussion and improvement of health assistance systems, research and recovery by helicopter.

They used this opportunity to deliver a presentation about GNAAS’ blood on board service and highlight the benefits of using blood components in the pre-hospital environment.

GNAAS director of operations Andy Mawson said: “Helping our Italian colleagues develop their pre-hospital system has been an enormous privilege.

“I think it demonstrates that the hard work, skill and dedication of our team is recognised way beyond our geographical borders.

“We look forward to welcoming some of their medics on some of our courses in the future….and making the crew a carbonara in the tea urn again!”

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