Lightweight life-saver welcomed by medics

AIR ambulance medics will be travelling a little bit lighter after a donation allowed them to buy a portable version of a life-saving piece of kit.

The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) has equipped one of its aircraft with a portable defibrillator, which administers electric shocks to a cardiac patient’s heart.

The charity bought the £2,000 machine after the Boundary Motorcycle Group donated £600 towards its cost. The group of motorcycle enthusiasts hold regular events and ride-outs to raise money for local causes, and have donated £450,000 since 2006.

All GNAAS aircraft already carry advanced-care defibrillators, but the equipment is large and relatively heavy to carry. Although the aircraft are generally able to land close to patients, sometimes crew have to travel additional distances on foot in order to reach the scene of an incident.

Mike Bateman, crew paramedic with GNAAS, said it was on such occasions that it was useful to have a more lightweight defibrillator on the aircraft.

He added: “The portable version doesn’t have the same amount of features, but it is still able to perform a life-saving function and I’m sure this equipment will make a difference for someone at some point.

“We would like to thank all at the Boundary Motorcycle Group once more for all their work for the charity.”

Mr Bateman said the charity is now looking to raise another £2,000 for a second portable defibrillator. Anyone able to help should call 01325-487263 or visit

Brian Laverick, organiser of the Boundary Motorcycle Group, said the money had been raised through raffles.

“Our members remain as committed to this cause as ever before, so we are delighted to be able to help out in this way,” he added.
“We have a busy calendar full of events, and would welcome new members who want to have a great time while raising money for the air ambulance.”

If anyone would like to get involved in any of the Boundary Group’s forthcoming events, please visit 

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