COVID-19: With your help we will fly on

Like everyone else, we don’t know how this situation is going to develop. What we do know is the importance of preserving our critical care services. Lives depend on it.

But given that everything we do is paid for by charity, the challenge is to maintain the level of donations required at a time when a large chunk of our fundraising activity has been suspended.

We have already cancelled our community engagement work for the foreseeable future. This includes talks at businesses, schools and community groups, bucket collections at shops and supermarkets, and the emptying of collection tins. When added to events organised by our supporters, which we also expect to be badly affected, this amounts to more than £100,000 a month on average.

The cancellation of this activity has been a crushing blow to our staff who work relentlessly to spread the word about our charity and who work alongside the public in raising the money we need to survive. These staff know more than anyone how important our community is to the life-saving work of the charity across Cumbria, the North East and North Yorkshire. But they are working hard to develop other revenue streams and to strengthen relationships with supporters who have stood with us in the past and who we hope will stand with us now.

Meanwhile, we’ve postponed the move of our clinical teams from Teesside International Airport to our new home at Eaglescliffe. Despite this, they continue to respond to call-outs throughout the region as they normally would. When they aren’t responding to an emergency, they are preparing themselves for working throughout the pandemic. We have provided them with the clothing and equipment necessary to protect themselves against the virus. This means that we can continue to respond to critical care emergencies even if the situation significantly worsens. As with everything our teams do, these preparations have only been possible with the support of the public.


It’s not just the new equipment that is paid for through donations of one kind or another. From the aircraft and cars that enable the missions, to the clothing the teams wear and the drugs that they administer – if you’ve ever donated, however large or small, this is where your money goes. But that money is limited, unfortunately, and we cannot just assume that we will continue to receive the same level of support we have done to date, especially at a time when families are faced with their own hardships.

We aren’t going to claim to be more worthy than any of the other causes in the community who will also no doubt be struggling. But we just ask that if you value the work of our charity, that you keep us in mind. If not for now, then for a time in the future when you feel you are willing and able to do so.

Although our office staff are now working from home, they are on hand if you’d like to help in any way. We’d love to hear from you. Alternatively, we’ve put together a page on our website where we will post the latest news and where we can help you find the information you need.

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