GNAAS welcomes Dr James Hale to the team

“I’d heard great things from colleagues who also work at GNAAS and I’m really enthusiastic about pre-hospital medicine.”

In October we welcomed Dr James Hale to the team, who is a Royal Air Force Anaesthetist, with a wealth of experience in pre-hospital care, including working with other air ambulance services.

The 36-year-old, who is originally from Lincolnshire, has had a busy few months, as he started working at GNAAS just after beginning a job as a consultant in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

We caught up with him recently, to find out more about his career and how he’s found working at GNAAS so far…

Could you talk me through your medical career from the beginning up to now?

I went to medical school at the University of Cambridge graduating in 2011. I spent some time working in the East of England as a foundation doctor prior to my basic military training in 2013. I then spent some time as a junior medical officer in Cyprus before moving to Edinburgh to complete anaesthetic training. During my anaesthetic training I did subspeciality training in pre-hospital emergency medicine working with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, MAGPAS Air Ambulance and the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service in Glasgow. I also completed a few operational duties with the military mainly providing an aeromedical retrieval service bringing injured servicemen back to the UK. I finished training in August 2023 taking up my consultant post in Edinburgh and starting with GNAAS at the same time.

Did you know you always wanted to be a doctor?

In all honesty I’m not sure how I became a doctor. I think my parents suggested it and I didn’t have any idea what else to do. So I applied to medical school and when I got in that was sort of that.

How did you find the interview and assessment day at GNAAS?

I found everyone very welcoming and enthusiastic. I’ve done a fair amount of pre-hospital work before and also had recently completed a number of interviews so I was confident but had the usual on the day nerves.

What made you want to work for GNAAS?

I’d heard great things from colleagues who also work at GNAAS and I’m really enthusiastic about pre-hospital medicine. I was really pleased to see a job advert come out just as I became a consultant.

How have you found GNAAS so far?

Everyone has been very welcoming and lovely. I’ve had a few good jobs and I am enjoying learning how GNAAS works and exploring the local area. I’m looking forward to getting signed off to work independently.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I live in Edinburgh with my wife and three children. The kids keep me busy so most of my spare time is spent with them but I also enjoy walking, running and spending time outdoors.

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