Runner aims to break world record by completing Great North Run in our mascot costume

A MAN is attempting to break a world record by completing the fastest half marathon dressed as a three-dimensional aircraft. 

Adam Price, 32, from Eaglescliffe, will be wearing the Great North Air Ambulance Service’s (GNAAS) helicopter mascot costume ‘Ellie Copter’ during next month’s Great North Run. 

This will be his fifth time taking part in the half marathon, but his first ever attempt at a world record. 

He said: “The event itself is just wonderful. The route is rather dull however the crowds, people’s stories, the sense of achievement, and the fancy dress outfits all come together to make an amazing day.  

 “The atmosphere is immense and it also keeps me fit. Having it booked in every year gives me a target and a focus and drive to keep getting out running. 

“I looked at loads of different half marathon records in fancy dress and some are just completely mentally fast, like sub an hour and 30 minutes in fancy dress. I also wanted to try to link a fancy dress outfit to a local charity.

“I eventually found the half marathon record for being dressed as a 3D aircraft which was a time of two hours and 25 minutes. I decided it was an achievable record to go for and I could also link it to GNAAS so it was a no-brainer.”

When asked how his training was going, he said: “In three words, hot, sweaty, challenging. Running with an additional seven kilos is not great, add to this, inside the copter is an additional 10 degrees to the outside temp. I’m a rather sweaty runner anyway so it’s not ideal.

“Being able to see is then the next challenge. I may have run into a lamppost on my first run out and several low-hanging trees since but it’s all good fun. When I am out, the looks, shouts and cheers I do get are pretty motivating, although I can’t see, hear or wave very well to those encouraging me.”

 In addition to training for the Great North Run, Adam has also challenged himself to run every day for a year.  

He said: “This is actually fairly easy. Mind over matter. It’s all about listening to my body and sticking to the plan. I have been careful not to overdo it and if I have felt tight, I have just done 2k or 3k instead. I’m managing to average 5km a day still and I am 100km ahead of my target distance of 1,732km for the year so it’s steady going.” 

Adam aims to raise £1,000 for GNAAS and has currently raised over £370. 

He said: “For me you never know when you may need their assistance. I know a number of people who would not be alive today if it wasn’t for the care and medical assistance that GNAAS provide, so it’s a no-brainer. A fantastic cause that helps families up and down the region when they are most in need.” 

 To sponsor Adam visit his JustGiving page.

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