Ever wondered what it feels like to win big? Just ask the lucky winners of our previous raffles...

Our 2019 Raffle Winner was Mrs Helena Taylor from Northallerton

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The Purdham family

John Purdham, a railway network team leader from Carlisle, couldn’t believe his luck when he received the phone call from the charity to say he was the winner of a brand new Kia Sportage car and that he would be receiving the new motor in time for Christmas. He said:

 “I haven’t won anything before, not even £1 on a Lottery scratch card, so when I took the phone call from the Great North Air Ambulance, I honestly thought someone was playing a prank, then I realised I had actually won a car – it was an absolutely fantastic feeling!”

Kath Mewse

Kath, of Middlesbrough, won a Kia Rio in our 2016 raffle. The mother-of-three said:

“My knees went to jelly. I just couldn’t believe it. To tell you the truth, I still can’t. I phoned the kids. My daughter, who has just bought a car, said ‘I wish I’d have known’. Everyone’s delighted for us, it’s been brilliant.”

Tony Stephenson

Tony, of Long Newton, near Stockton, won a red Suzuki Alto in the 2013 GNAAS raffle. He said:

“It was a massive shock when I found out, I couldn’t remember buying the ticket, I kept asking if they were sure it was me. My previous car is 12 years old and is starting to have its problems. It has rust creeping in down one side, so this came at just the right time.”

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