Supporter sets Guinness World Record in Helicopter Costume

A MAN has broken a world record by completing the fastest half marathon dressed as a three-dimensional aircraft.

Adam Price, 32, from Eaglescliffe, completed the Great North Run in just over two hours and 15 minutes while wearing the Great North Air Ambulance Service’s (GNAAS) helicopter mascot costume ‘Ellie Copter’.

The 2023 Great North Run was his fifth time participating in the half marathon, but his first attempt at a world record.

He said: “I looked at loads of different half marathon records in fancy dress, and some are just mentally fast, like sub an hour and 30 minutes in fancy dress. I also wanted to link a fancy dress outfit to a local charity.

“I eventually found the half marathon record for being dressed as a 3D aircraft, which was a time of two hours and 25 minutes. I decided it was an achievable record and could link it to GNAAS, so it was a no-brainer.”

On the day of the Great North Run, runners endured scorching heat, with temperatures reaching above 20 degrees, the hottest on record for the event.

Adam said: “The day was super-hot anyway, so inside Ellie was by far the hottest run I had done to date. The wait at the start in the blazing heat was brutal, but the support I was getting from others before, during and after was incredible, although one gentleman came up to me and said, “you have made some really poor choices”, and just walked off. It did make me chuckle.

“Out on the course, the support was just never-ending. When I got cramp around mile ten, and people could see I was suffering, the cheering and encouragement ramped up again. Then, when I finally got onto the coast road with loads of time in the bag, I just enjoyed it, soaked in the finish properly and savoured each moment.”

Adam completed the Great North Run in two hours, 15 minutes and 27 seconds, beating the previous record of two hours, 24 minutes and six seconds.

He said: “I knew from about mile 12 that I had it in the bag given how much time I had to spare, but it wasn’t until I could see the finish line that I properly started celebrating. I crossed the line and checked my watch to see just how much I had taken off, and I was buzzing. There was a huge relief also, as I had put a lot of pressure on myself to do it, even with the heat. I had worked so hard training properly, so I would’ve been gutted to miss out. A real mix of relief and elation.”

After escaping the thunder, lightning, and heavy rain experienced by runners in the afternoon, Adam returned home to a hero’s welcome. He was greeted by his wife and children, who wanted to hear about his day before tucking into a Teesside delicacy.

He said: “The texts and calls I got from everyone who saw me and wanted to congratulate me really meant a lot. Then I celebrated like any good Teessider should do, with a parmo.”

In addition to beating a world record, Adam also almost doubled his £1,000 fundraising target for GNAAS.

He said: “I can’t quite believe how generous people have been. I set out to raise £1,000, and at one point, I struggled to make £500, so to almost double my target is staggering. I know the money will be put to good use and will literally save lives.”

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