Appeal for shops to sell knitted treats for charity

A mother and daughter are appealing for shops to sell their knitted treats to help them fundraise for the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS).

Margaret Ogden, 72, and Zoe Gunnell, 46, from Darlington, have been supporting their local air ambulance for nine years selling a variety of chocolate treats decorated in fun knitted cosies.

Among the different chocolates on offer are Ferrero Rochers, Kinder Eggs and Smarties and they all come with a themed knitted cosy.

Mrs Gunnell said: “My mum knits them, I knit a few and my sister knits some as well so it’s a big family thing.

“We think we’ve raised nearly £20,000 in total selling these, and we’re quite pleased with that, but we’d like to make it a bit more if possible.”

The family currently sell their treats at fairs and a couple of different shops but they would like to reach a wider audience.

Mrs Gunnell said: “We’re quite limited in where we can sell them so we’re appealing for any shops, cafes or even dentists who would like to take them and sell them for us.”

If you or anyone you know would be interested in displaying and selling this family’s knitted treats, please contact Margaret Ogden on 07415964515.

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