Owen Jenkinson

11-year-old Owen was airlifted after being stuck by his family’s 4×4 vehicle while on holiday in Northumberland.

He suffered life-threatening injuries and was induced into a coma by our paramedic and doctor team.

“The treatment was second to none. They were really class.” – Owen’s dad, Ian.

Owen's story

Simon Orpwood

69-year-old Simon was carting straw at Morris Hall Farm, Northumberland when he was crushed by 600kg bales.

He was administered advanced pain relief before being airlifted to hospital.

I think the air ambulance is the most wonderful service, particularly where we live in North Northumberland. It took 15 to 20 minutes to get from the farm to the RVI.” – Simon

Simon's story

Grace Gardiner

12-year-old Grace was only four-months old when she suffered a blockage in her bowels, and had an inch of her intestine turn gangrene.

She needed emergency surgery and was airlifted to hospital in Newcastle.

“If it hadn’t have been for the air ambulance, she just wouldn’t be here because nobody else could take her and she would never have survived the journey without them. We owe everything to the air ambulance,” – Grace’s mother, Helen.

Grace's story

Rob Hope

43-year-old Rob was involved in a serious motorcycle collision on the A596 between Aspatria and Prospect.

He suffered life-threatening injuries and had to be administered both blood and plasma by our paramedic and doctor team.

“I’m living proof I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the charity. Even the surgeons in the hospital have said I should be dead, I should have died on that tarmac. So I owe my life to the air ambulance. – Rob.


Rob's story

Ruth Thomas

20-year-old Ruth was airlifted after she was involved in a horrific collision near her home in Grizebeck.

She had sustained a brain injury and had to be placed in a medically-induced coma by our paramedic and doctor team.

“Ruth is testament, if it wasn’t for the air ambulance she wouldn’t be here.“ – Ruth’s dad, Lee.

Ruth's story

Sam Beecroft

21-year-old Sam was riding his motorbike along the B6524, Morpeth, when he crashed into a nearby fence.

He sustained a serious spinal injury and was assessed and treated by our paramedic and doctor team.

“The doctor who came from the air ambulance is probably the one who actually saved my life.” – Sam

Sam's story
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