‘Tarset Grumpies’ host charity coconut shy

Thanks to Malcolm Brodie for submitting the following report about a recent fundraiser.

Once again, the Tarset Grumpies left the safe protected zone of the Hollybush and imposed themselves on the unsuspecting general public at Falstone Show, the objective being to extract as much money from them in exchange for the dubious delights of knocking over coco-nuts.

For something over three hours, the poor public were harangued and badgered into testing their skills, whilst  being assured that the coconuts were NOT glued down.

Participants varied from the very young (one child, who was only 5, managed to eclipse many of her elders by winning a nut) to the quite aged. Even the local gendarmerie were persuaded to try.

It was interesting, however, the number of people who quite suddenly contracted a strange illness that impaired their throwing arms to the extent that they couldn’t participate!

At the other extreme, however, one gentleman whose throw was so vicious that we were seriously concerned that he might throw the ball straight through the tarpaulin-back stop; smashed one coconut with his first throw and then went on to win yet another two – three wins out of five balls! (We will have to re-design the stands – can’t have that sort of success!).

At the close of play, we managed to raise a net total of £185 from the coconut shy, and a further £50 from waving a collection bucket around. So, we have been able to send a cheque for the magnificent sum of £235 to the Great North Air Ambulance.

Our grateful thanks to all who ‘had a go’ and thus helped us towards this fine result.

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