A shoutout to our fundraising heroes

Imagine a world where our air ambulance service didn’t exist? It’s simply not worth thinking about! We are totally funded by people like you who are reading this very blog, and YOU help to ensure our charity continue to operate.

Every Grandma who hosts a coffee morning, every child who pops a pound in a bucket, and every workplace that completes a challenge on our behalf, are all the reason we’re able to send our critical care team to life-threatening incidents – our life-saving mission starts with you.

We hear about plenty of fundraisers that are wonderful, heartwarming, and sometimes a little bit weird, but they are all the reason you see our helicopters flying over.

So, let’s take a look at what all of you amazing fundraising heroes have been up to recently…

Digging for gold

We’d like to say a special thank you to the hundreds of metal detectorists in County Durham who threw a Christmas bash on behalf of our charity, where they presented us with a £8,500 cheque from all the funds they generated over the year… incredible!

Relaxing at Seaham Hall

Fundraiser Ben found himself enjoying a lovely afternoon at the idyllic Seaham Hall, after they decided to support our charity in the final quarter of 2023.

£3,277.09 was raised to save lives after they donated a percentage of the hotel’s service charge – we can’t wait to see where this relationship takes us this year.

All the snacks

Fundraiser Ben worked up quite the appetite after an eventful trip to Seaham, so thought he’d pop into KP Snacks to stock up on his favourite goodies.

While at head office, the team offered him a cheque for £4,350! We’re incredibly lucky to have the corporate support from KP, and the relationship is much appreciated by the foodies at GNAAS HQ, too!

The golden envelope

Feeling full and satisfied both with donations and goodies, fundraiser Ben made his way back to HQ, where he was greeted with a mysterious golden envelope.

Inside, was a cheque for a mega £13,275 from Woodsmith Project… paramedic Hollie was lost for words; the donation received a bell ring from the whole office team.

A well-earned pint

We had the pleasure of welcoming the members of the Golden Smog Pub, who last year took on the Palegrimage keg run challenge… essentially, a tough pub crawl. Between each pub they visit, they transport a huge keg of beer, whether by paddleboard or penny-farthing.

Last year, they raised a phenomenal £15,029, raising their total fundraising to almost £20,000! Not bad for a day at the pub, ey?

Fancy a game of golf?

We’re heading over Cumbria now for a game of golf at Carlisle Golf Club – the team there kindly nominated our life-saving service as one of their chosen charities for the year. Janette Smith and Geoff Fell presented the team with a cheque for a whopping £5,749.20, before treating the GNAAS fundraisers to Sunday lunch… what a result!

VIPs for the evening

Our fundraisers are often invited to lovely events, including The Original Factory Shop in Penrith’s recent VIP party. The team recently nominated us as their charity of the year for 2024, alongside Penrith Mountain Rescue.

The shop raises funds through their clubcard, sales of paper bags, collection tins and fundraisers – we can’t wait to see what they get up to this year!

Hot wheels

Throw on your wellington boots, we’re heading to a dirt bike track! Fundraiser Amanda had the pleasure of visiting Gav and Gillian Douglas from North East Vinduro to have a catch up on their fundraising activity.

Over the years they have raised a jaw-dropping £14,060.70 through various raffles… They’ll be supporting us this year too, so we can’t wait to see what else they pull out the bag this year.

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