A day in the life volunteering at GNAAS HQ

Our air ambulance charity offers a range of volunteering opportunities, including events, charity box collections, and educational talks. But if you’re one for staying indoors, we have a whole host of tasks you can get involved in at our HQ.

Whether you’re a former receptionist who has a knack for answering the telephone, a self-professed excel whizz, or perhaps you’re simply looking to keep busy and enjoy a spot of company – we welcome all volunteers with open arms.

So, let’s say you did decide to commit to a volunteering role at HQ, what would a typical day look like?

Donate what you can

And we don’t mean funds, we mean your time – we appreciate you probably have hobbies, families, and life admin to juggle, so when you volunteer for us, you simply donate the time you can, when you can.

Just keep us updated on your availability via Volunteero, an app which we use to stay in touch – no pressure or set hours, you decide!

First, a cuppa

Say you said you were available to help for a couple of hours one morning, what tasks would you bet set away with?

Well, first thing’s first, of course you need a catch-up with our team and a nice warm cuppa – you can’t start the day without a warm drink and a biscuit at GNAAS!

Your first task is to give supporters a call to thank them for raising funds or taking part in an event – a lovely job we’re sure you’ll agree; there’s nothing better than hearing the delight of a supporter after an unexpected call.

Service with a smile

Looks like we need a hand covering reception! With this role, you’ll be welcoming in supporters who have turned up to pay in funds, purchase our merch, donate clothing, or have arrived for a tour of our base.

You’ll have the lovely job of greeting them, and hearing their stories and connections with GNAAS – it’s a lovely customer-facing role where you’ll have the chance to meet new people.

The little jobs make a difference

At GNAAS, we run a whole host of campaigns to make our supporters smile. A recent campaign saw thousands of cards being sent to our regular givers, all handwritten by our team to show appreciation for their ongoing support – you may have the honour of getting involved in something like this.

Otherwise, there’s always fundraising packs to assemble for people who are raising funds or taking part in our events or challenges. Enclosed, they’ll need sponsorship forms, flyers with tips on raising money, and of course a letter to say thank you – these tools are essential for making it easy for GNAAS supporters to raise money.

Well, those are the main jobs! But you’ll often find yourself getting involved in a range of activities – if ops catch you, you might end up being a patient in one of their simulations, or even helping transform one of our meeting rooms into a grotto… you’ll never be bored, that’s for sure.

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