Transporting patients at 190mph saves time. But what saves lives is our critical care team.

Our onboard team is usually made up of a pilot, a specialist pre-hospital doctor and a paramedic. In order to function in some of the most testing environments, they must operate as equals, drawing on each other's experience and skills for the benefit of the patient.


Our paramedics are full-time staff members at GNAAS and as well as their vital role in the critical care of patients, they also provide support to the pilot when in flight. As well as this, they act as the essential link between the team and airdesk, relaying information often under extreme pressure.

We also have a paramedic based on our airdesk. They play a central role in deploying the team to incidents and also acting as a communications link between the on scene team, other emergency services, and hospitals.

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Our pilots hold the ultimate responsibility for getting the patient to hospital safely. On a daily basis, they have to monitor flying conditions and the performance of the aircraft to ensure the safety of all on board.

On scene, the pilot sometimes provides essential support to the clinical team, and our pilots are all trained in basic life-saving techniques, but their primary focus remains on ensuring safe transport for the team and any patients.

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Our doctors are all pre-hospital experts and come from a variety of backgrounds. We have a number of doctors who also have careers in the military, we have GPs with a pre-hospital speciality, and we have anaesthetics and emergency medicine consultants from hospitals throughout the region.

While on a call-out, our doctors’ sole focus is on patient care but back on base they also lead research and development projects that drive improvements in our service.

Meet the team
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