The best things about GNAAS as told by our staff

“GNAAS operates because the people of the North believe in each and every one of us to do the best we can both individually and as one team.”

As the old saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work and here at the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS), that couldn’t be more true. 

As a charity, we need to raise £8 million per year to survive, and with each mission costing on average around £4,478, our teams of dedicated staff are constantly working together to raise as much as we can to keep providing life-saving care for those that need it around the region.

From our critical care team to our fundraising staff and from our trading company to our volunteers, there isn’t a person in the organisation who isn’t helping to make a difference. 

We asked some of our staff across all of the different departments, what the best thing was about working for the charity, and here’s what they said:

“Thousands of supporters have put their faith in us to be there for them and the people they love and they trust us with their support, whether a raffle ticket or their entire estate. That’s such an amazing position to be in and such a privilege to be part of.”

“Seeing the helicopter lifting off and reminding us that we are helping our critical care team to go out and save lives. Along with the feeling of belonging to an amazing team of people.”
“Knowing that, although I am part of the clinical team, the wider charity staff and all of our supporters are doing all they can for us to be able to attend those patients that need us most.”

“All of our supporters and their stories. GNAAS is such a heartwarming charity for everyone in the North and to be a small part of it makes me so proud.”
“Volunteers and staff from all walks of life working together for one fantastic cause which is to be there for the people of the North East and Cumbria when they need us the most. Oh, and dogs in the office.”


“I am no longer working for the man but instead, making a difference every day.”
“GNAAS operates because the people of the North believe in each and every one of us to do the best we can both individually and as one team.”
“The best thing for me is the people we work with and are surrounded by. Like-minded individuals whose common purpose is to help save lives. No matter what capacity that help is given in we appreciate each other’s efforts, input, and contribution to the cause.”

“Knowing that everything you do at work goes towards delivering care for people who need it, rather than towards making a profit for a company, and also doing it working with the most awesome group of people you could wish to spend your days with.”
“I left the Military after 18 years with a life-changing injury and spent two years looking for somewhere to belong, from the interview to meeting everyone I have never felt so welcome in such a friendly place to work, oh and great cakes are in the kitchen for us every day which definitely helps.”

“The best thing about GNAAS is the feeling of giving something back.”
“The best thing about GNAAS is the comradery and teamwork. We are all working together for one cause.”

“Every day the office is filled with laughter and how can we forget the fact that it’s pet friendly. It is almost like therapy having dogs in the office during your working day.”

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