A mother of a motorcyclist crash victim pledges support

A MOTHER has pledged her support to the Great North Air Ambulance Service’s (GNAAS) regular giving scheme after her son was involved in a traumatic motorcycle crash.

Paul Tabern, 38, was riding along the A686 between Melmerby and Gamblesy with a group of five motorcyclists in July, when a motorcyclist travelling in the opposite direction lost control of his motorbike and ploughed into him.

Mr Tabern was third in line when the motorbike hurtled towards the group and two riders in front of him managed to swerve out of the way, but the vehicle collided with Mr Tabern and he suffered a serious head injury.

GNAAS transported the patient to the trauma unit at Newcastle RVI before being transferred to a hospital in his hometown of Liverpool 17 days later.

The incident has prompted his mother to pledge her support to GNAAS regular giving, a scheme that the charity is hoping to push during its annual fundraising and awareness week, Air Ambulance Week.

Ms Tabern said: “It was a deeply traumatic experience, and we thank the air ambulance from the bottom of our hearts. There is an undoubted golden hour and I believe the air ambulance gave Paul the best chance of recovery. I fully support the air ambulance and their regular giving scheme.”

Regular giving is a way for people to make a monthly donation to the charity.

Mandy Drake, head of fundraising at GNAAS said: “Regular giving is such an important source of voluntary income for us. By making a commitment to monthly gift donations, it enables us to have a sustainable form of income so we can plan for our future.”

For more information please call 01325 487 263.

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