The jet suit paramedic: your questions answered

After some world-wide news coverage and a social media frenzy, we undoubtedly had a lot of burning questions to answer! Although the collaboration with Gravity Industries is still very much in the testing phase, we’ve tried to them as best we can…

GNAAS launches annual raffle to bridge funding gap

Our team have seen donations slump over the past few months as a result of cancelled events and fundraising. Donations in June were at about a third of their usual level. We are hoping our annual raffle will provide a much-needed boost to our income, at a time of the year when demand for our … Continued

Virtual Fundraising: Team building from behind your desk

For most of these, all you need to do is set up a team JustGiving/fundraising page in your company name and list the participants! Social Media Use your company’s social media channels to host live events. Whether it’s a themed quiz on a Friday night with an after-work drink (or 7), an online auction or raffle, … Continued

COVID-19: GNAAS continues life-saving service

Our doctor and paramedic teams are being deployed to incidents in the same way as usual. However, we are only airlifting those patients who are critically unwell and on closed-circuit ventilation, which means there is a much-reduced risk of the patient spreading infection within the aircraft. We have been able to maintain this level of … Continued

All of your clothing donation questions answered

In the last year alone, donated items such as clothing, mobile phones and books, resulted in an incredible £378,200 donation to GNAAS. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to donate unwanted items, so we have compiled a list of the most common questions we get asked and answered them for … Continued

What was the air ambulance doing on ITV’s Vera?

We asked our paramedic, Lee Salmon, what his experience was like on set, and more importantly, if Brenda Blethyn’s company was enough to make him blush! What is your opinion on the show ‘Vera’? Vera is a superb drama, I love the characters and the cheekiness of the dialogue. It has an old school feel … Continued

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