Meet the team: GNAAS paramedic Colin Clark

Colin Clark started his career as a paramedic at the Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) back in 2005. He’s now deputy director of operations and believes he has one of the most rewarding jobs ever. We caught up with Colin to find out more about his time at the charity and just why he … Continued

Meet the team: GNAAS paramedic Tim West

Tim, tell me about your role at GNAAS? My role at GNAAS includes more than just front-line work. As a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Paramedic, I also spend time on the control desk, tasking out critical care teams to those incidents where their expertise can add the most value which can be challenging at … Continued

GNAAS lottery team back in action across the region

As a result of this, our team have seen donations slump over the past few months, but now, following government guidelines and the easing of lockdown, we have decided that the time is right to go back into the community. Here’s what you need to know: Why has GNAAS decided now is the right team … Continued

What do flying doctors do when they aren’t flying?

Dr John Ferris has been working in emergency medicine since 2007. Not only is he a doctor at GNAAS, he is also a consultant and lead clinician for retrevial medicine at North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Trust. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? We were intrigued to find out more about John and his roles when he’s … Continued

“Thanks to GNAAS I watched my sons grow up”

The accident, which left Alan in a coma and permanently blind in one eye, has changed his life. Eight years later, he’s decided to open up and share what happened that day for the first time. This is his story: I remember getting out of bed that morning and looking outside and it was a … Continued

Meet the team: GNAAS paramedic Marcus Johnson

Marcus, did you know you always wanted to be a paramedic? Like many others, I didn’t have a clue when I was younger about what I wanted to do when I left school. I wasn’t particularly academic, but I knew that I could achieve something in life if I could find something I was passionate … Continued

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