GNAAS is a registered charity and is governed by a board of trustees.

The trustees collectively are responsible for directing the affairs of the charity, ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, delivering the charitable outcomes for which it was set up, and ensuring compliance with charity law and all other applicable legislation and regulation.

Strategic direction

The trustees also determine the strategy and key objectives and vote on major policy decisions affecting the charity. Trustees monitor the performance of the charity at meetings of the board and its sub-committees.

Governance structure

The overall Governance structure is in place to ensure the charity is well-run, legislatively compliant and operationally effective. It includes:

  • the board of trustees – has overall legal responsibility for the charity.
  • the operational and clinical sub-committee – this oversees all aspects of frontline care, reporting to the board to provide assurance on the effectiveness of the charity’s clinical governance.
  • the finance audit, remuneration and risk committee – this sub-committee has delegated responsibility for overseeing all financial aspects of the charity, including audit to provide assurance that the charity remains financially viable.
  • the chief executive – the CEO is responsible for staff leadership, management and administration as well as the clinical and operational aspects of the charity.

Meet the Trustees

Brian Joblin - Trustee

Brian Jobling

Chair of the board

Dawn Dunn


James Harris - Trustee

James Harris


James Kyle - Trustee

James Kyle


Joan Trench - Trustee

Joan Trench


John Devine - Trustee

John Devine


Kyee Han - Trustee

Kyee Han


Meet the executive team

Graham Pickering - Trustee

Grahame Pickering

Chief executive

Deborah Lewis-Bynoe

Director of charity services

Andy Mawson - trustee

Andy Mawson

Director of operations

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