Whirlybird Blend- Brewing Instructions

FRENCH PRESS / CAFETIRERE GUIDE (for a small 310ml press)

(rule of thumb: 6g of coffee per 100ml of water)

– Add 23 g of medium-coarse ground coffee to your French Press -Top with 80 g of hot water (just off the boil)
– Wait for 30 seconds allowing the coffee to ‘bloom’ -Add the remaining 230 g of water
– Wait for 4 mins
– Stir once to break the crust
– Place on plunger -Wait for 15 seconds
– Slowly plunge (min. 10 secs)
– Decant into your favourite cup & enjoy


– Place your V60 on your mug, insert filter paper and soak with hot water to remove papery taste and warm the V60 and mug. – Discard the water and place your Voo and mug on to the scales
– Tare to zero
– Add 18g of medium-fine coffee grounds and ensure they are level
– Pour just enough hot water (off the boil) to thoroughly wet the grounds
– Wait for ca. 20 seconds allowing coffee to ‘bloom’
– Pour remaining hot water in slow concentric circles -Stop pouring when scales reach 300g
– The whole process should take around 3 minutes
– Drink & enjoy

A medium to fine grind is best for your pour over. If the brew is too weak. try a finer grind. If the water drips through the coffee too slowly, make the grind coarser.

Brewing instructions kindly provided by www.durhamcoffee.co.uk

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