Big Give Christmas Challenge

One donation. Twice the life-saving funds.

By pledging your support today, you will not only inspire others to donate, but will also provide crucial resources to help our critical care team give every patient the best chance of survival.

What is the Big Give?

The Big Give Christmas Challenge is the UK’s biggest match-funded campaign.

For seven days in November, the challenge offers supporters the opportunity to double their donations — and, in doing so, make an extraordinary difference to the world’s biggest challenge.

But first, we need to raise £15,000 in match-funding pledges. By pledging your support before 1 September, your donation could be matched in November, effectively doubling the power of your gift.

Pledge your support

Big Give FAQs

When do I need to pledge by?
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We ask you to pledge your support by 1 September 2023. No funds will be taken until after the match-funding campaign. Once a donation has matched your pledge, we will ask you to pay us the pledged funds in January 2024.

When will I pay in my donation?
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Once a donation has matched your pledge, we will ask you to pay us the pledged funds. The match-funding campaign takes place in November, with payments being processed between 5 December 2023 and 12 January 2024.

How will my pledge be matched?
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For a week in November, we will ask our supporters to donate to our cause, with the promise that their donation will be matched by your pledge – doubling the amount their donation is worth! Not only will your pledge help us provide our life-saving service, but you will inspire others to support us as well.

How will you use my donation?
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This year, we launched our 24/7 service in the North East, providing round-the-clock critical care to the region’s people. We also plan to expand our North West service from four nights to seven.  Being able to offer this service means more people have access to hospital-standard care wherever they are, with a doctor on hand to perform advanced interventions whenever needed. This additional care comes at a cost, with increased hours and demands on our resources. We hope that the funds donated as part of the Big Give will help us provide this service, so everyone in the region we serve has access to pre-hospital critical care when they need it most.

Why is supporting GNAAS so important?

We provide advanced critical care across the North East, Cumbria, North Yorkshire and the Isle of Man.

Our two helicopters are on standby during daylight hours, with a doctor, critical care paramedic and pilot ready to leap into action whenever the next call comes in.

At night, our rapid response vehicles patrol the region and can bring a doctor to the scene of an accident or illness to provide advanced interventions that can usually only take place in the hospital setting.

This year, we expanded our service to provide 24-hour care, seven days a week in the North East, with hopes of extending our hours in the North West, too. We need your support to maintain and enable everyone to access our round-the-clock care. We are entirely charity-funded and rely on your support to keep our helicopters flying, our wheels turning and our critical care team saving lives.

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