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Great North Air Ambulance Service Weekly Lottery

Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply to Great North Air Ambulance Service Weekly Lottery and by entering players agree to be bound by these rules. The Great North Air Ambulance Service may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, at their discretion and will post the amended Terms and Conditions on the charity’s website not less than 28 days before the amendments take effect. A printed version of the Terms and Conditions are available on request.


  • The GNAAS means the Great North Air Ambulance Service
  • Play Number means a randomly system-generated unique lottery number
  • Player means an individual playing the weekly lottery
  • Account means a player’s record
  • Cash Equivalents means cash, cheque, debit/credit card
  • Donorflex means the charity’s CRM system



  • From Friday 24th June 2022 the weekly lottery will be drawn on a Friday (previously Wednesday)
  • From Friday 24th June 2022 the price of a ticket will be £1 (previously 50p)


a) The GNAAS Weekly Lottery is administered in-house at Progress House, Urlay Nook Road, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees, TS16 0QB

b) Telephone: 0800 1777 035, email:

c) The GNAAS Weekly Lottery is licenced by the Gambling Commission, reference 005215

d) Responsible Persons for the Weekly Lottery are Ms Carey Taylor and Mrs Glynis Taylor

e) The GNAAS Weekly Lottery is a subscription based, low frequency, society lottery


a) Must be 18 years of age and over

b) Must be resident in the UK and Isle of Man

c) All new players to the GNAAS Weekly Lottery will be subject to an age-verification check. This service is provided by a third party, LexisNexis. The GNAAS reserves the right to request further supporting documentation to verify a player’s age

d) If it is found tickets have been purchased by a person under 18, or, for a person under 18, these will be forfeited I. Any monies paid will be refunded II. Any prize won will not be paid

e) Administrators of The GNAAS Weekly Lottery are not allowed to enter

f) An application to play The GNAAS Weekly Lottery may be declined for any reason at the discretion of the Charity’s lottery administrators

Payment to the GNAAS Weekly Lottery

a) Each play number costs 50p per week

b) Payment can be made via cheque, cash, debit /credit card and direct debit

I. Minimum amount by Direct Debit or standing order is £2.17 per month per play this amounts to £26.04 annually (standing order is no longer offered as a payment method)

II. Minimum amount by cheque is £10 to cover 20 weeks of draws

III. Annual cost is £26 for one play

IV. Payments must be received in advance for entry into the draw

c) All players acknowledge their payment to enter The GNAAS Weekly Lottery does not guarantee they will win a prize

d) New players, once payment has been received a certificate of entry will be included in your welcome pack confirming your play number or numbers. These certificates have no face value

e) Existing players will have their play number or numbers credited. If opting to pay by cash equivalents to pay you will be sent a renewal letter 4 weeks before your credit is due to expire


a) The draws are normally completed every Wednesday (an exception may occur during the Christmas period)

b) The draw is automated

I. The system used is Donorflex by Care Data Systems

II. The system has been verified by the Centre for Advanced Software Technology (CAST) Limited, for fairness and compliance with the applicable sections of the Gambling Commission’s Technical Standards

III. The results of each draw are recorded by the system within the draw process


a) Each play number can only win once in a weekly draw, however, if you hold more than one play number each one has an equal chance to win a prize

b) Only plays paid for are entered into the draw this means the prizes are guaranteed, there are no rollovers

c) Prizes are as advertised on the charity’s website. There are no alternatives to any prize won and no interest is payable

d) The Charity reserves the right to change the number of prizes on offer and the amounts of each prize

e) The Charity reserves the right to withhold payment of any prize if there is doubt as to the validity, or age, of a subscriber until such time as an investigation has been completed

f) Prizes will only be sent to the address on the player’s account, which must be in the UK or Isle of Man

g) Any un-cashed or unclaimed prizes will be deemed as a donation to GNAAS after a period of not less than 6 months


a) All winners are automatically notified by post

b) Winning numbers are published on the Charity’s website

c) Prize winning cheques will only be made out to the person named as the holder of the play number

d) If a valid number wins a prize and the charity is subsequently informed the player is deceased, any prizes won after the player’s death but before we are notified by the personal representatives, will only be reissued to the deceased’s personal representatives. (Supporting documentation will be required)

Lapsed play number

a) If a play number is not renewed, and the remaining amount of credit is less than 50p, the play number will not be entered into any draws until a payment has been received by the Charity

b) If after further communication of a lapsed play number, there is no response from the holder of the play number, that play number will be cancelled

c) After cancellation of the play number, any remaining balance with a value of less than 50p, will be deemed as a donation to the charity, not before a period of 90 days since the last payment. You may still claim any remaining credit to be refunded to you during this time

Cancellation of play numbers and refunds

a) Players of The GNAAS Weekly Lottery can cancel at any time. Please inform the Charity by either:

I. Telephone, please call 0800 1777 035

II. Email

III. In writing to: The Great North Air Ambulance Lottery, Progress House, Urlay Nook Road, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees, TS16 0QB

b) For players who pay by either standing order or payroll, it is your responsibility to cancel this with your bank

c) If you pay by Direct Debit you have the right to cancel when you wish, at your bank. Please could you inform the Charity you have cancelled, this will stop further communication on your play number from being posted to you

d) Refunds will be given to the value of the credit remaining on the player’s account at the time of the request to cancel

e) Refunds will only be paid by cheque, please allow up to 14 days to process the request

f) If we are notified of a player’s death, any refund requested from unused credit, will only be payable to the deceased’s personal representatives from the date of receipt of notice of such subscriber’s death. Supporting documentation will be required.

I. If any next of kin would like to continue the subscription, any remaining credit and the play number will be transferred to their name on receipt of instructions of the personal representatives of the deceased. This must be requested in writing by the personal representatives and they will be given further information regarding payment methods to allow the next of kin to renew the subscription. (Proof of identity /age / supporting documentation, may be required)

II. If there has been no communication from a deceased persons’ next of kin, not less than 6 months from the date of the notification the player is deceased, any remaining credit on the deceased players’ account, will be deemed as a donation to the charity

Players’ Responsibilities

a) It is your responsibility to ensure the contact details the Charity has confirmed with you are correct and to inform of any errors by contacting the lottery office

b) It is your responsibility to inform the lottery office of any change in contact details. (All winning cheques and communications will only be sent to the player at the registered address on the players’ account).

c) If you pay by standing order and you wish to cancel your payment, it is your responsibility to cancel the standing order with your bank. (The charity does not have the authority to amend or cancel a standing order).


a) The Charity shall not be liable to a player for loss or damage from:

I. Any delays or failures by the postal service resulting in late payments or applications to join The GNAAS Weekly Lottery

II. Any delays or failures in the Banking system used by either the Charity or the player

III. Any failures in software

IV. Any player failing to advise of a change to their contact details V. A refusal to accept an application to join The GNAAS Weekly Lottery

VI. Any event beyond the reasonable control of the Charity

Suspension of cancellation of the GNAAS Weekly Lottery

a) The Charity reserves the right to decide on a suitable course of action in the event of a weekly draw/draws being cancelled or suspended in any event beyond the reasonable control of the charity for the failure, damage or destruction to the GNAAS computer system

b) This may mean that all subscriptions paid may be taken as a donation. (This would not affect your right to a refund. Please see Cancellation of Play Numbers and Refunds)

Segregation of funds

We are required by our licence to inform what happens to lottery subscriptions which we hold on account for you to fund your entry into future draws, and the extent to which funds are protected in the event of insolvency. We hold funds relating to future lottery draws separate from other charity funds in designated bank accounts. In the event that the charity became insolvent, these funds are not protected and there would therefore be no guarantee that funds held will be repaid. This meets the Gambling Commission’s requirements for the segregation of customer funds at the basic level of segregation. (Please see consumers/protection_of_customer_funds.aspx, for an explanation to the rating system)

Complaints procedure

a) Any complaints received by the GNAAS Lottery will be handled under the Charity’s Complaints Procedure. A copy of which is available upon request from the lottery office, or, can be viewed on our website

b) If you wish to make a complaint regarding the weekly lottery then please contact:

I. By telephone: 0800 1777 035

II. In writing to : Complaints and Appreciations, Great North Air Ambulance Service, Progress House, Urlay Nook Road, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees, TS16 0QB

III. By email:

IV. Website – the ‘contact us’ page in the lottery area of the website

c) The promoters’ decision is final

d) If the issue cannot be resolved internally by the charity, the issue will be referred to IBAS (Independent Betting and Adjudication Service)

Code of conduct

a) The GNAAS abides by the rules and regulations set by the following organisations:

I. Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice set by the Gambling Commission

II. Fundraising Regulator

III. Charity Commission

Social responsibility

a) Entering The GNAAS Weekly Lottery, should be seen as a way to support the charity and not just to win money

b) You must be 18+ to enter The GNAAS Weekly Lottery

c) The Charity would like you to subscribe to an amount that you can afford, however, The GNAAS has set a limit on the play numbers that can be held by an individual. The maximum number of plays permitted per player is 15

i. Please note, if you wish to pay annually to cover multiple play numbers the amount must not exceed £250

d) The GNAAS is committed to operating its Weekly Lottery in a socially responsible manner, committed to protecting vulnerable groups. These include:

I. Underage players, to enter The GNAAS Weekly Lottery you must be 18+

II. Vulnerable persons, those who lack the ability to make a decision

III. Excessive or problem gamblers

Problem gambling

a) The GNAAS is a member of the Lotteries Council which on behalf of its members makes a financial contribution towards the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT)

I. The RGT funds services and commissions research to broaden the understanding of gambling related harm

b) GNAAS employees are not trained to give professional advice, support or counselling

c) If you have a problem with, or, you have concerns with, or, you would like to talk to someone confidentially about problem gambling please visit or contact the Gambling National Helpline on 0808 8020 133

d) Further support can also be found at:




a) If you have a gambling exclusion form in place, please inform the Lottery office

b) If you want to self-exclude

I. Please telephone 0800 1777 035 or

II. Write to The Great North Air Ambulance Lottery, Progress House, Urlay Nook Road, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees, TS16 0QB or,

III. Download a form or self-exclude directly through the charity’s website

c) A player who submits an exclusion form

I. Will not be able to participate in any GNAAS Lottery for a period of not less, than 6 months

II. All play numbers held will be cancelled and any remaining credit will be refunded

III. The self-exclusion will be recorded in the charity’s CRM system

IV. Your consent and preferences will be updated to prevent lottery mailings being sent to you

Data protection
The charity does not pass on or sell any details it holds on its supporters to any third party. Data that is collected from you is used to process your entry to the charity’s lotteries, and, to inform on charity news and events in line with your communication preferences. LexisNexis employees do not have access to any data submitted by players during the age verification process.

Privacy Notice

Our up to date Privacy Policy is published on our website at
You can update your contact preferences by calling 01325-487263, or, emailing and completing the contact preferences form on our website.

You can inform the charity about your communication preferences by any of the following:

• Completing the relevant section on your renewal letter and post back to GNAAS

• Telephone 0800 1777 035 and speak with a member of the lottery support team

• Email

• Write to, The Great North Air Ambulance Lottery, Progress House, Urlay Nook Road, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees, TS16 0QB

Please be assured that we will not share or sell your data.

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