While many fundraising events have been postponed or cancelled, you can still support the charity from home!

We've been busy coming up with some great ways to stay involved with the charity while staying at home and doing your bit to stop the spread of the COVID-19. Read on to find out how you can get on board, stay home and save lives.

Stay home, save lives

We are continuing to fly rescue missions across the region despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak. Our doctor and paramedic teams are being deployed to incidents in the same way as usual.

Read more about how we’re safely operating our life-saving service.

Like everyone else, we don’t know how this situation is going to develop. What we do know is the importance of preserving our critical care services. Lives depend on it.

We are entirely charitably funded. And while many fundraising events are being cancelled or postponed, we have come up with some great ways to stay involved with the charity while staying home. From entertaining the kids and activities for adults, we’d love you to continue to show your support however you can, and get on board, online!

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With your support we fly on

With all the uncertainty in the world, you can be certain that we’ll be here for you. If you feel able to make a donation it is always very much appreciated.

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