Large retailers are required by law to charge 5p for all single-use plastic bags.

The expectation of the public is that the proceeds of the scheme go to good causes that would benefit society. This scheme was rolled out in 2015 with the intention of limiting the number of people using single-use plastic carrier bags so that fewer end up as litter.

Since its introduction, plastic bag usage has plummeted by six billion annually, and although retailers aren’t required by law to donate this to charity, in 2019 it was recorded that £167 million was given to various charities through it.

We would love you to consider donating your carrier bag levy charges to the Great North Air Ambulance Service and support our amazing cause. Help us save lives, whilst also helping the environment. Our service costs more than £5.2million per year to operate and support like this would make a huge difference.

At GNAAS we’re committed to making changes for the better. We internally recycle, reuse and reduce as well as recycling clothing through our Trading Company.

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