We welcome the donation of items to help us raise money.

Did you know that donations of possessions or services, known as 'non-monetary gifts' or 'gifts in kind', play an important role in keeping the service running?

What is a gift in kind?

Giving a gift in kind simply means donating something other than money.

Whether it’s an item, service or experience – these can be used as prizes to raffle or auction in order to raise funds for our missions.

We need to raise more than £5.2 million every single year, so any gift you can offer will be very much appreciated.

Donate a non-monetary gift

Gifts in kind - what we need

If you'd like to give a gift to help with our fundraising but aren't sure what, we have put together a list to give you some ideas of the type of gifts we need. These gifts might be used at our ball as auction prizes or raffled to raise funds.
Money-can't-buy prizes
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Can you offer a special experience that can’t be bought?

Previous donations have included the chance to be an extra on TV, a factory tour, the chance to name a lorry and shares in a racehorse!

Overnight stays and getaways
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Cottage escapes and holiday homes – if you can offer a weekend away in yours, we would love you to get in touch!

Luxury days out
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Spa days, afternoon tea, a round of golf or a meal for two – can you offer a luxury day out?

Shows, events, entertainment and family days out
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We’d love to auction tickets to your show, concert, sports event or venue to raise funds while increasing your profile.

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Do you have a signed football shirt, film or music memorabilia you would like to donate? Please get in touch via the ‘gifts in kind’ form.

Luxury items and electrical goods
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Bottles, jewellery, chocolates, perfume and aftershave, hampers and high street vouchers are all welcomed as gifts in kind.

High-end clothing
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If you have a special item you would like to donate, please contact us through the ‘gifts in kind’ form. Please note this is separate to our door-to-door clothing collections, which are sold in bulk.

Toys and games
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If you can donate new toys and games to the charity, we can turn them into funds for our missions. Please get in touch.

How gifts in kind can benefit your business

Gifts in kind could be a great way to utilise your company’s assets or professional skills.

Donating a product or service, or offering a discount,  is an easy yet valuable way for your business to demonstrate your commitment to our cause.

It can also count toward achieving your corporate responsibility goals, saving our valuable resources and enabling us to fundraise even more effectively.

Donate a gift
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