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Community collection points

Community collection points

Community collection points

We recently introduced a new community collection point service and with the help of businesses, community groups, schools, churches and individuals across the region we are developing a network of collection points across the region. This completely free service is environmentally friendly as nothing goes to landfill. Instead your clothing is given a new lease of life.

Can you spare some space?

If you have unused storage space, perhaps an empty office, a garage or a spare room and would be happy to become a community collection point, we want to hear from you. To help you promote your point we’ll send you your own promo kit, including flyers, posters and recycling bags, we’ll even include the location on this website and use social media to let people know about your location, if suitable.

The bag collection activity can last as long as you would prefer. It could be a one day event, a week long campaign or even longer. We’ll ensure there’s a member of our friendly collection team available to pick up the clothing on a date(s) to suite you. It couldn't be easier. 

If you would like to get involved by hosting a community collection point, please click here to tell us about it.

Lottery Win a share of £1,500 every week.

Recycle Turn old clothing and office supplies into life-saving aid.

Giving in your will Find out how you can help secure the service for future generations.