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This Summer, join our virtual Race to the Base and help fund our life-saving service.

Cover the distance it takes our critical care team to return to base after flying a patient to hospital. Whether you run, walk or cycle you’ll help power our life-saving service as you complete the distance we need to fly to return to base, to save more lives

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There are two distance options to choose from: 32 miles from the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI), Newcastle to Teesside HQ airbase or, 42 miles from the RVI to Langwathby, Cumbria airbase.

The distance is set, how you complete it is up to you! And if you want even more of a challenge you could even race to the base and back!

You can do as little as you like, or conquer the challenge all in one day. Are you ready?


Choose your distance

RVI, Newcastle to Teesside HQ airbase

Complete a 32-mile route in your hometown, whichever way you like! You'll be following the footsteps of our doctors and paramedics at Teesside airbase.

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RVI to Langwathby, Cumbria airbase

Go the extra mile by completing 42 miles; the distance HELIMEDXXX travels our regions major trauma hospital to Cumbria airbase.

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Create your own race to the base

We respond to an average of five emergency calls each day. Why not push your limits and complete a 160-mile route; the transportation of five patients to the RVI?

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