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PHA Course - FAQs

PHA Course - FAQs

PHA Course - FAQs

The two day course uses a combination of classroom and scenario-based learning. There is a strong practical element to the course throughout. During the final assessments, candidates work in teams and run through a series of “moulages” – simulated scenarios working with both ambulance and fire and rescue services.

What topics are covered?

  • Topics covered include:
  • *Decision making processes and safety standards
  • *Preparation, “kit-dump” and checklists
  • *Human factors and CRM
  • *Drug and equipment familiarity
  • *Post-intubation management
  • *Adverse event management and failed intubation drills

What have people said about the course?

  • "Fantastic course. Instructors very personable, helpful and knowledgeable. Good mix of theory to practical."
  • "An absolutely fantastic two days. I have learnt so much and added to my clinical practice. Tutors are all excellent."
  • "Very worthwhile course. Enjoyed the practical aspects which were supported by the lectures. Will recommend."
  • "Thank you for two great days. I feel challenged and exhilarated. I can easily say best course I’ve been on." 
  • "Venue is superb. Teaching was marvellous. Staff friendly and knowledgeable. Very well put across."
  • "Excellent course. Thanks to all faculty and admin. All pre-hospital personnel should come on this course."

What experience is required?

  • The PHA course teaches advanced pre-hospital critical care techniques and for this reason it is suggested the prospective candidates should already have some anaesthetic experience (for doctors) or are over two years post qualification (for paramedics). We have, however, had candidates with all ranges of experience, all of whom report gaining benefit. The faculty will assume candidates are already familiar with the principles of immediate medical care and scenario-based learning.

When is the course taking place?

  • The next PHA course dates are: 
  • *13th/14th March 2017 - FULLY BOOKED
  • *4th/5th September 2017 - PLACES AVAILABLE

How do I book?

Any more course information?


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