Hundreds of patients every year now benefit from our 24 hour service.

Launched in partnership with the North-East Ambulance Service in 2015, the Medical Emergency Response Incident Team patrols the North-East through the night, bringing the equipment and expertise of our air ambulance service to the scene.

What is MERIT?

MERIT stands for Medical Emergency Response Incident Team. The team consists of a doctor and paramedic. They travel in a specially-equipped Volvo XC90 to incidents involving major trauma and major illness around the North-East.

The team is commissioned by the North East Ambulance Service on Fridays and Saturdays, with GNAAS funding the activity on a Thursday and Sunday. They work 8pm to 8am.

How many incidents does MERIT attend?

In the year 2020 alone, MERIT was called out 593 times. However, studies have shown that some 800 patients suffer major trauma after 8pm in the North-East every year. For this reason, we are looking at ways to expand the service over seven nights and also into Cumbria.


call-outs in 2017/18


crew members - doctor and paramedic


nights a week on patrol

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