Our Address

Northumberland Wing, The Imperial Centre, Grange Road, Darlington DL1 5NQ

Tel: 01325 487 263 - Fax: 01325 489 819

Lottery Team

The charity's small team of representatives visit communities served by our aircraft to promote the lottery as a way of giving.

The team is led by Darren Connelly.

Our representatives will always be in their GNAAS uniform and carry identification. Please do not hesitate to ask them to see it, they will be happy to show it.

Remember: if it's not the Great North Air Ambulance Service, it's not your local air ambulance.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with our lottery office on 0800-1777035 or fill in the contact form here.

Other team members:

Chris Horne

Stan Howieson


Lottery Win a share of £1,500 every week.

Recycle Turn old clothing and office supplies into life-saving aid.

Giving in your will Find out how you can help secure the service for future generations.